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Retrobox Addons
Retrobox Addons


Retrobox Project

My name is Marty. I have been modding the Original Xbox for over 10 years.

My aim is to make the Ultimate Retro Gaming content available to play on this now

forgotten Original Xbox. From Arcades to Consoles and even some computer systems,

emulated and playable to enjoy on a modern LCD television. Available in 2TB and 1TB

flavours, fully loaded and ready to play at 720p. Relive the 80`s Arcades or Consoles of

yesterday with preview video driven menus. Up to 350 Original Xbox Games running 

straight off the 2TB Seagate Barracuda Sata drive. This is not only Nostalgic Nirvana,

this is Gaming History Preserved!


1. Coinops 8 Massive Edition +4000 roms

2. Visionary 5 Latest

3. Final Burn Legends Full Set

4. Premium  

5. 8bit & 16Bit Consoles of old

6. Computers - Spectrum, Amiga, C64....

Retrobox Arcades